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Circuit Protection

Circuit ProtectionA complete line of PolySwitchâ„¢ resettable devices, SiBar thyristor surge protectors, ROV metal oxide varistors and protected power switches as well as magnetic components from CoEv Magnetics.
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Electrical Interconnect

Electrical InterconnectHundreds of reliable, cost-effective ways to terminate wire and cable in one easy step. Raychem devices electrically connect, insulate, and seal.
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Energy Network Products

Energy Network ProductsHigh performance products used to insulate equipment, and to join, terminate and repair cable, improving the reliability and economy of your electrical systems.
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Harnessing & Harness Components

Harnessing and Harness ComponentsComponents and assemblies to protect cables & equipment from corrosion and mechanical abuse. Harness components including molded parts, adhesives, adapters, assemblies and high performance tubing.
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Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Heat Shrinkable TubingBroad range provides insulation, protection and strain relief. Choose from hi-flex to semi-rigid forms for operation in extreme temperature environments and special applications.
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Identification Products

Identification ProductsA comprehensive line of TMS sleeves, labels, cable markers, wraparound markers to meet a broad range of needs including UL, CSA and Mil-Spec requirements, for a variety of applications.
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Telecom Networks

Telecom NetworksComplete range of products to provide end-to-end network solutions for telecommunications applications, including both copper and fiber-optic products.
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Wire and Cable

Wire and harnessing solutions for challenging applications include high performance insulated wires, coaxial, databus and multicore cables, molded parts, adhesives, adaptors and interconnection devices.
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