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Heat Shrink Tubing Overview

Heat Shrink Tubing Customers the world over use Raychem’s heat-shrinkable tubing* instead of standard approaches to insulation, such as taping or molding in place. The tubing comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials. When heated, it shrinks to conform to the size and shape of the underlying material—making installation fast and easy.  



Thin Wall vs. Dual Wall

Thin-wall tubing provides superior insulation, strain relief, and protection against mechanical damage and abrasion. Benefits include:

  • Reliably consistent dimensions and physical properties.
  • Meets with MIL-I-23053 and MIL-R-46846 standards.
  • UL/CSA recognized.**

When corrosion protection and sealing are required, use Raychem heat-shrinkable dual-wall tubing. During installation, an adhesive lining melts and flows, creating a moisture-resistant protective barrier. Benefits of this type of tubing include:

  • Controlled amounts of adhesive and consistent results.
  • Compliance with MIL-I-23053 standards.
  • UL/CSA recognition.**
  • Selected tubings are type-approved (Thermoform tubings) by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Det Norske Veritas (DNV), and Lloyd’s Registry of Shipping.

Current Product Lines


This family of high-performance, medical-grade, heat-shrinkable, single-wall tubing is made of a material formulation that meets the requirements of USP Class VI for medical uses. Applications include surgical and electrosurgical instruments, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, catheter systems, laboratory equipment, sensors, and food processing equipment. All Altera tubings can be sterilized by ethylene oxide (ETO), or by gamma or electron beam radiation; some types can be sterilized by steam or dry heat.


This adhesive-lined, heat-shrinkable tubing provides sealing and strain relief. The tubing’s internal adhesive coating melts and flows to form the seal. ATUM tubing has a 4:1 shrink ratio to conform easily to the shapes of various connectors and sensors.


A complete line of MicroFit heat-shrinkable tubing offers small-diameter tubing for fine-gauge (26 to 42 AWG) wire applications. Compared to other microtubing solutions, MicroFit products provide lower shrink temperatures, better strain relief, and enhanced bonding properties.


When Versafit heat-shrinkable tubing covers a crimped terminal, it provides reliable electrical insulation and strain relief—and it’s a cost-effective, aesthetically preferable alternative to tape-wrap.


This is an extremely tough, high temperature, thin wall insulation tubing.  RW-175 is a transparent, non-burning, semi-rigid tubing with superior resistance to most industrial fuels, solvents and chemicals.  Designed for applications requiring strain relief at temperatures up to 175°C, this product is unusually tough in its resistance to abrasion and cut through.  Typical applications include high temperature applications, protection, strain relief, chemical resistance, and mechanical and abrasion protection.

Easy-To-Use Installation Equipment

Raychem provides experienced, on-site technical assistance for fast, easy installation of heat-shrinkable products. Installation tools and machines—such as belt heaters—are specifically designed and engineered for installation of Raychem tubing.

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*Tubings on this page are primarily used for electronics applications. For tubings used in electrical power distribution applications, see

**Not every product in this product line meets all of the MIL-SPEC standards or is UL/CSA recognized.