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Wire and Cable Overview

Raychem Wire & Cable Solutions

Lightweight yet rugged SPEC 44 and SPEC 55 wire and cable products are radiation-crosslinked to provide superior electrical characteristics and physical strength. These flexible and flame-retardant products have high melting temperatures and are resistant to a variety of solvents and chemicals. Both product lines are available in multiple component cables and as shielded and jacketed cables.

Raychem’s FlexLite wire and cable products provide cost-effective solutions for a wide range of commercial applications, from appliances to electronics to motors and electrical equipment. Advantages include space savings, excellent shop handling characteristics, and highly reliable performance—even in demanding, high-temperature environments. FlexLite products are available in a variety of colors and gauge sizes.

Spec 44 Wire Products

  • Offer significant weight savings over conventional high-temperature wire insulation systems.
  • Voltage ratings of 600, 1000, and 2500 volts allow for application versatility.
  • Operating temperatures from -65°C to 150°C.
  • Meet MIL-W-81044 and MIL-C-27500 standards.

Spec 55 Wire Products

  • Are highly reliable in harsh environments, from -65°C to 200°C.
  • Have a tough polymer formulation that protects against scrapes, abrasion, and cut-through, and resists electrical arc tracking in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Have a 600-volt rating.
  • Meet MIL-W-22759 and MIL-C-27500 standards.

FlexLite Wire Products

  • FlexLite HT hookup wire—an attractive alternative to fluoropolymer and glass-braid silicone lead wires, especially in lighting,appliance, electrical, and motor applications with high temperatures andlimited space.
  • FlexLite DW primary wire—a dual-wall, space-efficient wire with nonflowing insulation suitable for applications that occasionally generate high temperatures, such as power tools or intermittent-duty motors and heating elements.
  • FlexLite HM lead wire—an inexpensive, reliable, and high-performing hermetic motor lead wire that offers excellent refrigerant resistance, shop handling, and mechanical performance.
  • FlexLite TW hookup wire—a tough, thin-wall-insulated wire designed for electronics, appliance, and motor applications where small size and light weight are critical, such as disk drives, ballasts, motors, and appliances.

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