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Document Type: Datasheet
Description: High temperature and fluid resistant, extra tough, semi-rigid heat-shrinkable tubing


FileTitleDescriptionRelease DateRevision Date
--Wednesday, June 07, 2006-
Automotive Product Datasheet-Thursday, August 04, 2005-
RW-175RW-175Tuesday, January 16, 2007Friday, January 30, 2009

Additional Information

Document Id: 1171
Owner Group: Marcom Archive (CIS)
Product Family:RW-175
Related Products:RW-175-1/16-0-STK, RW-175-1/16-X-STK, RW-175-1/2-0-STK, RW-175-1/2-X, RW-175-1/4-0, RW-175-1/4-X, RW-175-1/8-0, RW-175-1/8-X, RW-175-1-1/2-X-STK, RW-175-1-X-SP, RW-175-1-X-STK, RW-175-2-X-STK, RW-175-3/16-0, RW-175-3/16-X, RW-175-3/16-X-STK, RW-175-3/32-0, RW-175-3/32-X, RW-175-3/32-X-STK, RW-175-3/4-X-SP, RW-175-3/4-X-STK, RW-175-3/64-0-STK, RW-175-3/64-X, RW-175-3/8-0-STK, RW-175-3/8-X, RW-175-NR531-X-59MM, RW-175-NR563-X, RW-175-NR65-X
Product Groups:Dual Wall, Elastomeric, Single Wall, Thermoform, Tubing